Granny, we do listen to what you have to say.....

I always felt that the elderly had something to say... They feel so very good , when they talk about their lives, their experiences & yes praise themselves like all of us. All they need are ears to listen to them, our job is to lend that ear & be a part of their beautiful memories....LETS LISTEN

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is Youth for Old as on date?

Why this blog? The answer lies in its title & subtitle themselves....
"Youth for Old" & "Granny, we do listen to what you have to say....."

This blog is the first step, towards a small effort, that is proposed to bring life back into the remaining years of some of the elderly, who are not as priveleged as they deserve to be.

Youth for Old is a mission, where people associated with it, share the common feeling of doing something for the elderly, primarily the youth & the best way for achieving this for sure is not just donating money but LISTENING to what they have to say & I promise they have plenty to share with the loads of experience life has provided them over these long years...

Youth for Old is a mission to mobilise youth towards something that is not a favour for others but something that is their responsibility....

How Can U help?

U are young & vibrant, full of energy, U just need to rub off some of this with the people who have lost the shine in their lives...

1) Respect & Love your grand parents.

2) Regularly visit an old age home near you, & listen to the elderly there. You are expected to visit the same home regularly & form a personal relation with those, many of whom have nobody of their own, but faded memories of pain.

What Do U get?

1) Peace... Yes buddy, peace of mind in this extremely stressful & busy life. It is one of the most calming experiences.

2) What you get to learn from the people who have seen it all, their careers, relationships, personal, professional & social lives... the experience in itself is so enriching... you are bound to benefit.

3) The most important & invaluable are the BLESSINGS that you get.... & believe me no treasure in the world can beat this..

So everybody, make the move.... God Bless You!!!


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